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FasterUSA is a wheel building company. There are a lot of different wheel lacing places out there, I have dealt with a lot of them.  I have bought a few sets of wheels from Colin at FasterUSA, Three things stand out about them. First the customer service that Colin provides is second to none, he is there to help you in any way he can and does not try to "oversell" you. Second their wheel building skills are really good, my wheels  to me perfect and considering I use to build all my wheels myself because I am so picky that means a lot. The third thing that is notable is the price, FasterUSA's price simply can't be beat. If you call someone else they will try and tell you that he is not using the same parts as they are. Well like I said, I use to build my own wheels and I know all about them, My wheels where built with exactly everything that I told Colin I wanted them built with. Hands down, this is the best wheel builder in the business... If you get talked into (like a lot of my friends did) buying wheels from someone else for whatever reason, it is only your fault- I paid a lot less then a lot of my friends who were "sponsored" buy other places. Don't fall for the fake sponsorships, call Colin and get a price.

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