ExxtremeMX specializes in Honda CRF250R & CRF450R race motors.  Our race motors are on the high end side, we do not build any mild motors. We have a very basic approach to building race motors- Make Them Fast and Make Them Reliable. All port and polishing is done in house and flow tested on our custom SuperFlow bench.  As with suspension, making a fast reliable motor is not a hard task at all. It is just a time consuming and expensive task.

If you have questions on what components go in a race motor and need held picking them out, feel free to contact me. I believe in sharing knowledge, not in keeping it to myself. I will post as much information on this site as I can. I also will have some impossible to find parts that you will need to do the work yourself for sale on this site. Stuff like Spring Seat Locators in the correct sizes (Ones that no one seems to sell).
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