Chemical Keg Sprayer, like the ones used by the factory teams! FYI- This cost me about $175 in parts to build... Click On The Picture To Make It Larger
THE VERY FIRST THING I DID- Was to buy a soda keg off of eBay. I Had to do this first because there a couple different brands and no why to know what one I would get. Each brand uses DIFFERENT size fittings, so I had to get the Soda Keg (I use 5 gallon ones because I can put 3 gallons of liquid in it). I could have gotten either Ball Lock or Pin Lock, it doesn't matter because I took those off anyway. After I bought a Soda Keg, I needed the adapters. I got them From The CHI Company  I needed (2) 1/4 adapters for the Keg. One for the Gas Side and one for the liquid side. I had to make sure I bought right ones, there is a chart on the top of that page that told me what ones I need. That was the hardest part, after that the rest was easy. You can tell from the pictures how everything goes together... *Note I had to put a shut off valve on the Keg Sprayer, the first one I made didn't have a shut off valve and the hose broke and 3 gallons Mr. Clean went on the side of my friends van... The hose and shut off are on the liquid side (side that has the long tube on the inside)

Everything to make this I got from eBay, Loews & Northern Tool, here is are links to what I bought.

3/8 to 1/4 Adapter
Air Hose
1/4 Shut Off Valve
1/4 Coupler
1/4 Schrader Valve
1/4 Male NPT to 1/4 Hose
IMPORTANT I NEVER FILL KEG WITH MORE THEN 100psi Remember these kegs were never designed to be used as sprayers and you assume all risks on your own if you build one of these- I am not liable for any injury that may or may not happen, these instructions are for informational use only on what I did.
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