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Air Forks & Air To Spring Conversion
By now everyone knows how bad the Air Forks are. There are spring conversion kits for them (we offer a spring conversion kit for the Showa TAC Forks) BUT what no one realizes is that the damper side of the air forks is what is causing 75% of the problems. There is a cartridge seal that is ripped from the factory that HAS TO BE REPLACED. Most of the suspension shops do not have the seal or the tools to do this correctly. I highly suggest if you are going to spend money on your air forks you make this your number 1 priority.
We have fixed a lot of of Dampers and the customers have continued to use the air side. I do not like air forks at all, but if you have the Damper side fixed and valved correctly you can use the air side- If you don't mind checking the pressure every moto. Again, I hate air forks and won't use them, but we have a lot of riders that just don't have the money for a spring conversion kit and they are using them successfully.